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KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities)

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When applying for government and federal jobs, KSA’s have become an important, integral part of the application process. Having an excellent, detailed resume is important, but KSA’s are even more important, as they help those in hiring positions isolate the best candidates for the job. In fact, nearly all federal jobs require that applicants prepare KSA’s, and each job normally requires the answering, in detail, or from four to seven questions. These questions ask applicants about their skills, experience, and abilities, as well as why they are suited for the job being applied for.

Detailed, Personalized Writing
KSA’s are typically four to five paragraphs in length, and allow job applicants to show the kind of detail which is impossible to include on a typical resume. KSA’s are very descriptive, and allow potential employees to put their best foot forward. We have many years of experience in this area, and are here to ensure that your KSA’s are well-written, descriptive, and, most importantly, effective, and give you your best shot possible in obtaining the federal position you aspire to.

The Process
The process for creating your new KSA’s could not be more simple. Call (310) 779-6588, and you will be interviewed concerning the KSA questions, your background, and the experience and key selling points which will be incorporated into the KSA’s. The process takes about thirty minutes, where all necessary information will be obtained.

Quick Turn-Around
We can meet any deadline for your KSA’s. Unsually, we prefer three to four days for KSA preparation, but more urgent deadlines can be met, time permitting. Once the KSA’s are completed, you will review them, and we will make any necessary corrections. We’re not happy until you’re happy!

Free In-Depth Consultation
Each set of KSA’s is different, and requires a different among of individual responses. During your initial consultation, your specific needs will be addressed. Typically, KSA preparation runs from $75-$100. Call now for a free, in-depth consultation.

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