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About J. Wolf Communications
J.Wolf Communications, a professional resume service, has been providing the very best in professional resume preparation since its inception in 1988. JWC provides complete professional resume preparation services, and also offers cover letters, salary histories, reference lists, and other documents which facilitate a successful job search.

Personalized One on One Service
Everything at JWC is done by Jack Wolf, a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has been providing the finest in resume services for more than thirty-five years. Mr. Wolf does all the work himself (all of our work is done in- house), and he is a specialist in preparing resumes which get the only thing which matters – interviews! Mr. Wolf is adept in preparing resumes which accentuate all the key attributes for his clients, and he is proven in developing resumes which present this information in a very focused and concise manner.

Get the Competitive Edge
Successful resumes present a client’s experience, education, achievements, and other selling points in a way in which potential employers can see in a matter of seconds what the applicant can bring to his company or organization, and Mr. Wolf is an expert in presenting your background and credentials in a way which gives you your best chance to get an interview. In the job-seeking process, which is more competitive than ever, you only have one chance to make a first impression, so your resume must sell all of your key attributes. Mr. Wolf ensures that you will give your best impression the first time and every time you apply for any position.

Service In Our Office, Via Phone, Or On-Line
While Mr. Wolf does provide service in our office, he specializes in working with clients throughout the nation. He introduced the “Resume By Phone” concept as a local business in 1988, and has developed an ability to prepare exceptional resumes without the client needing to make a personal visit to our office. Since going national in 2003, Mr. Wolf has prepared resumes for clients in all fifty states, and has also worked extensively with international clients in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, His reputation for creating exceptional, results-getting resumes is unmatched in the field, and he is consistently in demand from discerning professionals who want the very best.

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