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35 Years of Experience in Los Angeles and Nationwide

Jack Wolf, Certified Professional Resume Writer, has more than 35 years experience, providing the highest levels of professional resume writing services to a large and diverse clientele within the greater Los Angeles area, while also providing services to clients throughout the nation.

As one of Los Angeles’ top resume writers, Mr. Wolf has been at the cutting-edge of professional resume development, working with clients from all industry sectors, as well as all career levels.

Highly Personalized Services

Mr. Wolf provides personalized client services. While other services use banks of writers, Mr. Wolf does all of the work. The process is very simple and attentive. Mr. Wolf begins the process by going over the client’s previous resume and asking questions about their background, credentials, and accomplishments. He also covers where the client wants to go with their resume, and also asks for job links, so that he can match the clients’ skill set with what the employer is looking for.

Once the initial consultation is completed, Mr. Wolf begins work on the new resume. Generally, it takes a week for resume preparation, though services can also be expedited. During that week, Mr. Wolf will be in constant contact with the client, covering any areas and questions that need attention. Once the resume is completed, it will be submitted to the client for a careful review.

Resume Updates, Cover Letters, LinkedIn and Coaching

And, the process does not end with the completed resume. Mr. Wolf is always available for resume updates, and most updates can be completed within 24 hours or less.

Mr. Wolf also provides other services, including cover letters, LinkedIn bios, and interview counseling and coaching. Mr. Wolf, having worked in Los Angeles for his entire career, has a pulse of what employers are looking for, and tailors each and every resume to attract attention.

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Satisfied Clients Who Landed Interviews

In the end, Mr. Wolf is here to take care of all your resume needs. He is an expert in resume development, and is here to get you a resume which gets you the only thing that matters – an interview!

When looking for exceptional resume writing services in the greater Los Angeles area, Mr. Wolf has no peer. His work has been recognized with recommendations on Yelp and LinkedIn, where he has more than 1,000 recommendations.

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Please give Mr. Wolf a call at (310) 779-6588 or get a free email consultation, and he will go over your needs, and get you a resume which delivers excellent results.